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Access Control


  • Biometric Fingerprint Readers
  • Proximity Readers
  • License Scanning Systems
  • Door Locks
  • Door Closers
  • Vehicle Access Barriers
  • Turnstiles
  • etc.


Alarm Systems


  • Outdoor PIR Detectors
  • Indoor PIR Detectors
  • Wired Alarm Systems
  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • GSM Communicators
  • etc.

Early Warning Systems

Early warning systems constantly monitors your surroundings, alerting you of any unwanted intruders before they have a chance to get into your home.

Various cost effective solutions available.

Click on Video Link below for an example of such a wireless solution.

Perimeter Protection


  • Electrified Fencing
  • Video Analytics
  • Infra-Red Beams
  • Fibre Sensing
  • Microwave
  • etc.